2008 First Freedom Think

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Your Comments to Us!
"First of all I must say as a Christian young woman and Vincentian, I am very much inspired by your television program. I make it my business to tune into SVGTV to view and yes I do share the exact same views as Miss Baptiste and my entire[sic] family and I make it known to as many people as we can to fight for their rights. Continue doing a great job and I asure you that your listenership will vastly increase as time goes by because I am one person who will educate as many people about your program... Be Blessed."

DG,  St. Vincent
"I support you in your fight for human freedom, but apart from that as a religious group I am looking for commentaries of different aspects of the Bible the word of God. "

TW, St. Vincent
"Its simply about time that God's people are stepping out of the constraints the the church building and are championing the cause of religious freedom in their country. You are in my prayers, and I would like to be involved in anyway I can.

May God be magnified in what you are doing, trust him, he is in control! May God richly bless all of you and our beloved country! "

AL, St. Vincent
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