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Defending The Republic! [Oct 1st, 2008]

New Anti-Christian Broadcasting Code of Trinidad and Tobago!!


In August of 2008, a consultative document named "A Broadcasting Code for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago" was published in Trinidad and Tobago by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. This document (free download on www.tatt.org.tt ) has been analyzed by the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty and has been deemed worse than the clause seven of the Equal Opportunities Act of 2000.

TIRL concludes:

(i) TATT must include a list of Religious liberty assurances as outlined by TIRL in their code.
(ii) TATT Must change the clauses of rule 12 to ensure full religious freedom to all people
(iii) Gov't must vote down these anti-right and anti-freedom rules of rule 12 and appoint better qualified people to draft rules.

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What's New:
T.I.R.L. SVG Launched! [Added Oct  17th, 2008]
The Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty Inc (SVG) has been successfully launched. Updates soon!

(L-R Back: Calvert Baptiste, Associate Director; Shefflorn Ballantyne, First Freedom Consultant; Maydon Parris, Research Officer; Ann-Marie John, PRO and Secretary General; Jeanell James, Executive Director. L-R Front: Anesia Baptiste, Associate Director; Kisha Sutherland, First Freedom Consultant; Karima Nash, Treasurer)
Right of The People Radio Broadcast Thrown off the Air! [April 16,2009]

Kingstown, St. Vincent. The Rights of the People radio broadcast has been banned from the airwaves of STAR FM after one Director of the Board at STAR FM, Mr. Julian Francis accused TIRL of using "racial statements" during two of its programs. In an emai dated April 3rd, 2009 to Mrs. Anesia Baptiste, Associate Director of TIRL SVG, Mr. Francis who is a current serving Senator in the Parliament of St. Vincent and the Grenadines outlined that, "the major problem which I had an objection to were racial statements made in the program referring to the so called Rambo as a jew and why didnt Obama pick a white american or an afro american, repeated in different ways which you didnt have a problem with."

In a response correspondence to Mr. Francis, Mrs. Baptiste answered the charge: "When Nyron Medina questions Barack Obama's appointment of the Jew Rahm Emmanuel (Rambo is actually his nickname for your information-just check!), he is not making an issue of his race. When he questions why Obama did not choose a White American, why not an Afro American, it is because he is highlighting the fact that over Africans and Caucasians in America, Jewish people-rich Jewish international bankers are involved in creating the financial crisis in America and the world...Mr. Francis, racism is hate for a race manifested in expressions or actions of personal dislike for race because of race. Such is not the expression of the radio programs. "

As the exchange continues between STAR FM and TIRL, an exposure of the matter was published by Associate Director of T.I.R.L Anesia Baptiste in her column Persistent Scrutiny under the heading "When unelected Officials disregard the rights of the people"  in THE NEWS newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on April 10th and 17th 2009. Up to press time, STAR FM has not rescinded its decision to ban TIRL's program - The Rights of the People". Read Letters Here.

[SVG] TIRL Appears Before Select Committee of Parliament on Constitution Bill 2009

Kingstown, St. Vincent.  On Thursday July 23, 2009, Associate Director of the Thusian Institute For Religious Liberty (T.I.R.L) appeared before the select committee of the whole house of Parliament on the constitution bill 2009. This as the Select Committee received presentations on the bill from members of the general public. Mrs. Baptiste discussed three (3) principal concerns:

(1) the removal of the phrase describing human rights as God-endowed and inalienable from an earlier draft of the Constitution;

(2)the failure of parliament to define "adequate compensation" as "current market value" and,

(3)the lessening of the entrenchment of the constitution.

Her presentation was followed by questions and comments by Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Ralph Gonsalves, Opposition Leader the Honourable Arnhim Eustace, Northern Grenadines Representative Dr. Lorraine Friday and Chairman of the Constitution Review Select Committee Parnel Campbell. Both Eustace and Friday openly supported the presentation from the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty and engaged the Prime Minister on some of his claims. Mrs. Baptiste's speech lasted just under 15 minutes while the debate which ensued went well over an hour.  Presentations from the public continues on Tuesday July 28, 2009. DOWNLOAD SPEECH HERE
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[SVG] NOOOOOO!!!  The "NO" has it! Constitution Bill Killed!

The calls from the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty and other "NO" Campaigners bore fruit in last Wednesday's referendum as an overwhelming number of Vincentians voted NO to the proposed constitution bill 2009. A telling 55.64 percent of Vincentians who voted at last week's polls voted NO, officially killing the bill which was drafted and heralded as "better by far" by the Ralph Gonsalves led "Yes Campaign". The YES Campaign only succeeded in mobalising 43.1 percent of the voters to cast their ballot in favour of the Constitution Bill.

Associate Director of the TIRL in St. Vincent, Mrs Anesia Baptiste, a regular speaker at the NO Campaign rallies hailed the results as the voice of God through the people of St. Vincent.  She came up for high praises for her significant contribution to educatng Vincentians about the evils of the bill. The Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty extends congratulations to her for her sterling work in the constitution reform process on behalf of the Institute! More information will be posted soon.

[SVG] TIRL Submits Second Document to Select Committee of Parliament.

TIRL offers to the general public its second document submitted to the Clerk of the House of Parliament on August 11, 2009. This document covers further explanations and recommendations regarding the draft Constitution Bill 2009.  Download document here.

[SVG] TIRL Appears Before Select Committee of Parliament on Constitution Bill 2009

On Thursday July 23, 2009, Associate Director of the Thusian Institute For Religious Liberty (T.I.R.L) appeared before the select committee of the whole house of Parliament on the constitution bill 2009... READ MORE HERE and download actual speech.

[SVG] TIRL Submits Proposals On Draft Constitution Bill to Parliament.

On Friday 10th July, TIRL submitted our concerns and recommendations regarding the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Constitution Bill 2009 to the Chairman of the Select Committee of the House of Assembly. TIRL sought the opportunity to speak before this Committee on July 23rd 2009 as well. To view document submitted, click here. We invite you to send us your comments at tirlsvg@firstfreedomthink.com or via our feedback form.

[SVG] No "Inalienable" in New Draft Constitution!
The well awaited draft constitution was tabled before Parliament on 28th May 2009 with a waiting crowd in the "strangers' gallery" listening to the pronouncements of drafters and politicians. When they were done, the draft was opened by ordinary Vincentians and no description of citizens' rights and freedoms as "inalienable". After much investigation, TIRL uncovered a shocking quotation that was included in the preamble of the draft constitution, but was removed within three days before the draft was read in our Parliament. This quotation had the important term "inalienable" in it.  Here is our latest ad explaining this issue.