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The Certified First Rights Technician Program

The doctrine of human rights, the first right in particular so derives the layout of the doctrine of Republicanism that when implemented creates a free society. A Republic which is the term that identifies the country that has implemented the Republican form of government is synonymous with the term free society.  Effective legal protection of the first right can only occur within the setting of a Republic, as well as the maximum flourishing of its free and full exercise. The CFRT training program then serves to develop experts in the field of Republicanism to work at different levels within the relevant institutions of society to sensitize persons and guide the pertinent processes towards the development of or the sustenance of the free society or Republic.

The CFRT understands that the developmental potential of a country depends entirely on the regard for and treatment of human rights within that country. The nation of America is an ideal case in point given the circumstances of their early nationhood. The pro-development climate of a country is determined by the type of governmental system that is installed. If the type of government is Republican then human rights would be held as inalienable and the first right a matter of mind and conscience not subject to government's legal determination and regulation. The Bill of Rights would insure the protection of the natural rights and freedoms of the people from both government encroachment and civilian infractions - creating a free society, without limits to research and development initiatives of any kind pursuant to the sustenance and enjoyment of person's rights. The maintenance of the rights to Life and Private Property will be explored to its uttermost resulting in the maximum flourishing of individual choice. Development of all types of technologies and sciences and in every sector of society will follow to enhance the quality of human rights preservation within the nation. As the country progresses fruits will begin to bear spawning all major areas i.e., science and technology, medical development, agricultural development, religious development, social development, human rights development, standards development, educational development, and economic development, to name a few. Particularly the civility of people will grow as a result of sensitivity to each other's rights and freedoms. Tolerance of individual and religious differences will follow minimizing racial tensions and religious persecutions inter alia once the sensitization process continues.

Countries with non-Republican forms of government cannot provide a free climate because of the excessive controls such governments exercise over its citizens. Initiatives are limited due to restrictions placed on freedoms by tyrannical leaders who attribute the rights of God to themselves claiming the power to grant and withdraw the people's rights. It must be understood that the inalienability of human rights is the critical component of the doctrine of Republicanism since it is the doctrine within the system that shapes how government functionaries regard and treat citizens' rights. If human rights were not inalienable then it is left that it is either nature, the will of the people, legislation or governments that grants or withdraws such rights; which is the commonly held view in non-Republican systems such as Cuba, China, etc. History have proven time and time again that when government is the authority that manages human rights, society suffers and individual and institutional development is quenched and prevented because certain men have taken unto themselves the role of being God to the people. From the pharaohs of Egypt to the English kings that claimed certain divine rights, individual rights have been violated and freedoms denied. Thus a free society depends solely on whether the government of the country is Republican.

Whilst within free societies all manner of errors, falsehoods and evils exist in every sector yet the very freedoms of the society open the way for cures to be developed. In such cases freedom of expression gives rise to criticisms to put checks on evil or falsehoods at the concept stage of it to prevent it from becoming established practice, but if not freedom allows these falsehoods to be practiced to manifest their flaws in defective results. The criticism factor is most pivotal to the advancement of free societies since without it research and analytical thinking will not correct flaws that hinder progress. Religious beliefs are foremost in influencing political ideology and emotive behaviors in religious issues. Religious communities must be sensitized to exercise religious tolerance in the face of divergent expressions from the adherents of opposing faiths or in the context of proselytization. These are just some of the major factors a CFRT is trained in to remedy with effective human rights applications.
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