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Institute Services:

  • Religious Liberty Advocacy
  • Consulting at Human Rights
  • Human Rights Technical Training
  • First Rights Attorney Training
  • First Rights Constitutional services
  • RightSmart Applications Development

Religious liberty Advocacy:

In the event of any form of infringement or denial of first right - the right to religious liberty, TIRL offers advocacy services on the affected person's behalf. An example of such infringement is as follows: a child reports to his parents that he has been banned from the use of the school's cafeteria because he bows to pray before eating. TIRL with a high level of professionalism and cordiality will hold discussions with the schools on the matter of this student's rights and sensitize parties involved on the rights and constitutional implications of the case in question.  TIRL has pursued resolutions to this type of infringement to the level of the court of law as a last resort.

Consulting at Human Rights

A new term invented by TIRL, somewhat similar to "Attorney at Law". TIRL has trained consultants who offer consulting services to organizations or individuals on matters of human rights.

Human Right Technical Training:

We offer training in the values of human rights and freedoms on both an organizational and individual level.

First Right Attorney Training

We train attorneys into the philosophies of the first right (right to religious liberty), making each equip in dealing with legal issues surrounding this fundamental constitutional right.

First Rights Constitutional Services:

TIRL offers specialized services in relation to the Bill of Rights of any constitution. This aspect of our list of services focuses on the structure of the bill of rights of the constitution and its guarantees of the protection of the first right.

Rights Smart Applications Development

TIRL develops applications for organizations that are rights-smart (or have been so deemed after training and evaluation by TIRL). We develop for such, product and service quality codes that reflect a regard for the rights of employees and consumers alike. These codes ensure that the firm's operations are sensitive to human rights.


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