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The First Rights Attorney

The First Rights Attorney training is exclusively for attorneys, particularly constitutional attorneys since the specialization of the course entails Religious Liberty Law in the context of the Bill of Rights. The First Rights Attorney is trained in and subscribes to the model of inalienable Human Rights which affects his jurisprudence.

The First Rights Attorney is trained in the following areas:

1. The framework and applications of the Law of the Ten Commandments.
2. The doctrine of the Rule of Law and its relationship to the Ten Commandments Law.
3. The doctrine of Human Rights and Freedoms with emphasis on the first Right.
4. The models of Creator Rights and Human Rights.
5. The doctrine of the Rights of God and its bearing on the concept of Human Rights.
6. The doctrine of Republican Constitutionalism.
7. Republicanism and the Free Society.
8. First Rights Law
T.I.R.L. Law Department
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