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Aug 29 2010
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Oct 06 2009
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Jul 27 2009
TIRL appears before Select Committee in Parliament. Read speech and give us your reactions.

Jul 16 2009
TIRL Submits Recommendations to SVG Constitution Bill 2009. Download submission here

The inextricable inherent link that exists between law and human rights was the grounds for the establishment of the T.I.R.L. department.

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Your Rights and You!

Tune in to "Your Rights and You" LIVE on Cross Country Radio Tuesdays from 7:30 to 9:00 PM or listen to our ARCHIVED programs.
The Rights of the People!

TIRL regrets to inform you that STAR FM has decided no longer to air "The Rights of the People" Radio Broadcast! However our archived programs are available for your listening.
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Mission Statement

To provide human rights services that are geared to promote respect for, and to cause the increase of legal protections for individual rights and freedoms, religious liberty in particular;

to undertake initiatives to accentuate the problem-solving potential of the field of human rights to affirm its validity as the more appropriate and effective approach to human enterprises and  solutions;

to advance the case for the widespread adoption of Republicanism across the globe for more rights-friendly national governance:

all towards the sole goal of enhancing social  environments-conducive to higher levels of mutual respect of persons' rights and freedoms pursuant to greater levels of civility and development; individually, institutionally and nationally.


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Our global Economic Crisis - who is behind the financial meltdown and what is their agenda? What you must know about the financial crisis is explained in ten (10) special audio presentations by Nyron Medina - Associate Director of Thusian Institute of Religious Liberty. Listen and Download free of charge by visiting our online radio archive.

The Rights of the People TV Program

TIRL reminds the general public that the Rights of the People television broadcast continues to be aired on SVG TV. Please note that this broadcast now airs three Fridays (2nd, 3rd and 4th Fridays) every month from 6:00 PM until 6:30 PM. Current issues are now being discussed on our TV program. Tune in and be educated. Please note that for the remainder of February the program date is the 25th and for March, the 11th, 18th and 25th.
Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty Inc

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The members of the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty Inc. wish to say a sincere "thank you" to all members of the public who have attended our 2nd Anniversary Book Exhibition that was held on October 19th - 21st under the Singer's gallery in Kingstown. We appreciate your kind support and we pledge by God's grace to continue to provide Human Rights Education to you. We also wish you a Rights-conscious Independence. May the principles of inalienable God-given rights and freedoms reign in your heart and in our land for spiritual and physical prosperity!
Inset: Front L- R: Jeanell James, Anesia Baptiste and Karima Parris
Back L-R : Ann-Marie Ballantyne, Shefflorn Ballantyne, Maydon Parris and Calvert Baptiste
Get your book today: SOCIALIST REVOLUTION From Grenada to St. Vincent by Anesia Baptiste


The Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty (TIRL) Inc. strongly condemns all violence; anti-rights and anti- freedoms behavior during this election period.
TIRL is a Human Rights Education organization with special emphasis on the Religious Liberty Right- the First Right.
TIRL understands the importance of these elections to Vincentians and we implore all to soberly exercise their inalienable or God-given and constitutionally protected rights and freedoms. (MORE)



The Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty (TIRL) Inc. congratulates Mrs. Anesia Baptiste, Associate Director of the Institute, on her appointment as one of the New Democratic Party Senators in the parliament of St. Vincent and the Grenadines- the people's parliament.

We at the Institute are very grateful to God for the dedicated work that Mrs. Baptiste continues to do in educating Vincentians about their God-given Rights and Freedoms. Senator Baptiste is the host of TIRL's "The Rights of the people" TV program aired every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday of every month on SVGTV from 6:00-6:30 p.m.  MORE
TIRL publishes YES, YOU HAVE RIGHTS book for children and youth.

In December 2010, TIRL completed its New Book,” Yes, You Have Rights” providing Human Rights Education geared towards Children and the Youth. The book was compiled by Mrs. Ann-Marie Ballantyne, Secretary General and PRO of the Institute. The book has eight chapters including, “Who gave Rights and what is a Right, “The three fundamental Rights of man” and “How to respond to criticisms and disagreements".

The information is presented in interesting ways using charts, puzzle, dialogues, quiz...We understand the importance of instilling Education about our God-given Rights and Freedoms in the minds of the young for a more Rights-friendly society with more Rights-conscious and rights-respecting citizens.

The book is now available at $40.00 per copy.

Please contact us at tirlsvg@firstfreedomthink.com or tel: 531-7558 or 431-2150.

Published in The Vincentian newspaper Friday January 07, 2011
TIRL Condemns Government's New Amendments.

The Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty (TIRL) Inc. expresses strong condemnation of the Government's latest proposal to amend the Representation of the People's Act and the Criminal Procedure Code. We view this move as against the inalienable rights of the people who should be able to seek redress and receive justice for both civil and criminal acts without hindrance and delay.

We consider such amendments deliberate attempts to close a very important avenue through which persons can seek redress for false statements made against them during a general election period. The Representation of the People's Act as it stands reinforces the value of truthfulness during an election season and seeks to protect our democratic right to vote based on the truth. The serious penalties enshrined therein send a clear message to politicians that the offices to which they aspire require moral uprightness in behavior.

We also consider the amendment to the Criminal Code to be an attempt to frustrate the people, with the intention to deny justice to those persons who bring charges against Government officials and ministers. We believe that this move is to further strengthen the powers of the DPP without justifiable reasons at the expense of justice to Vincentians.

We call upon all Vincentians to join us in publicly protesting this wrong act.

Your Rights and Freedoms are God-given and inalienable. Stand up and boldly defend them with the fear of God in your hearts!