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TIRL Global Reports Unit

The function of the Global Reports Unit is to:

  • Monitor all relevant annual international country reports such as the US Department's International Religious Freedom Country Reports, the Hudson Institute's Religious Freedom World Map, Adventist's Global Religious Freedom Report, etc. to determine the types of applications that are needed to be developed, including different types global reports and other methodologies to assist in promoting internationally the fundamental right of Religious Liberty,
  • Develop our own range of international country reports,
  • Develop rich graphic-intensive mediums for our Unit's range of applications.

Reports and Papers:

  • The International Republicanism Annual Country Report; which identify countries that are authentic Republics, partial Republics and non-Republics.
  • The International CommuLigious Annual Country Report; which identify countries with CommuLigious establishments and the anti-rights national policies and developments that follow such state adoptions.
  • A paper on the history of CommuLigious establishments for the last two thousand years.
  • A paper on Jeffersonian Republicanism as the ideal model of Republicanism.
  • Papers that look at the fundamental nature of the First Right in country applications, derivatives of the Inalienable Rights model in contrast to the Communist Model, etc.

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