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.The Problem

Many international religious liberty reports and surveys today identify the extent of violations of religious liberty and religious persecution that takes place in countries across the globe, and the troubling fact that it is currently increasing according to 2007 reports. The World Values Survey (www.worldvaluessurvey.org) revealed that the level of religious belief is on the rise, and with it comes an increase in religious diversity as well indicating the need for greater religious tolerance amidst the religious community. Islam and Evangelicalism are two of the fastest growing religions in the world at the moment. And apart from governments' violations of human rights in general, there are religions with anti-rights religious beliefs that lend support to and influence violations at different levels of society; particularly government. In addition to the growing violations of the first right there is also growth in criminal activities internationally, such as school violence, domestic violence, incest, gang warfare, terrorism, suicide bombings, civil war, genocide, political prisoners, free press denials and violations, and the list goes on and on. This unfortunate state of affairs reflect a downward trend of rapid deterioration in basic moral values and respect for persons' rights which if not addressed will continue to the point of entire social breakdown within societies.

Though many a human rights groups and organizations work internationally yet such formidable realities continue to take place. What this state of affairs reflect in the affirmative is a growing insensitivity to people's rights due to lack of the right national initiatives. Two major factors that affect such outcomes are: (1) countries not adopting Republican forms of governmental systems to affect rights-friendly outcomes in their nations, and (2) religions with anti-rights beliefs and postures that undermine and influence society in a way that beget such trends. These circumstances issue a call for real Rights-Smart country solutions if core differences are to be made with real results. This brings us to the services we offer.

The Solution

What makes our institution different from the rest is our approach. TIRL is poised to offer an inspired level of solutions and applications to clients due to the peculiar doctrine of rights we subscribe to. (For information on our doctrine of rights read our Statement of Principles). Our services and applications are so configured to target the core human rights issues that affect countries across the globe, third world, developing and developed countries alike, reason be it a virtual institute via the internet (www.firstfreedomthink.com) became a critical part of our international agenda to provide support 24x7 globally.

Advancing the case for the adoption of full Republicanism is necessary for national legal protections of individual rights and freedoms, religious liberty in particular in order to create a free internal social environment for the development of human rights institutions and standards, and to engender increased sensitivity and values for these said rights throughout society. Once a government buys into Republicanism the appropriate social climate will be created for unhindered maximum flourishing of individual choice. As individuals pursue their ends in different areas in light of the sustenance and enjoyment of their rights, the effects will spawn in economic development, scientific development, medical development, standards development, religious development, research development, social development, human rights development, environmental development, etc.; but more so with regards to the civility of the people as a result of sensitivity to each other's rights. Tolerance of differences will follow minimizing racial tensions and religious persecutions inter alia. Going the way of Republicanism positions a country for maximum internal development individually, institutionally and nationally.

Executive Summary

The Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty (TIRL) is a non-profit, human rights education services provider with a difference. It was launched in the year 2000 in Trinidad and Tobago and in 2008 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Whilst TIRL was founded in Trinidad and Tobago chapters are being established in other countries of the globe since the target of our services is international in scope. However since religious liberty is the first in rank of all fundamental human rights, a fact proven by empirical evidence; it finds special emphasis in the structure of our institute's services, which is indicated by the name of our organization.
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